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Save Democracy International (SDI) works with governments, civil society organizations, political parties, advocacy groups, and all other stakeholders to collectively promote democratic processes and empowering local institutional potentials.

SDI continuously establish partnerships with partners to share experiences, expertise, jointly design and implement projects.

Civil Society Partners

Civil Society Partners

Election and Transparency Watch organization of Afghanistan (ETWA)

The Election and Transparency Watch Organization of Afghanistan (ETWA) has been established as an impartial non-profit organization in May 2014 to:

  • Monitor elections to ensure they are free and fair;
  • Monitor Parliament for being open and accountable to citizens
  • Support responsive electoral reforms in the country;
  • Promote public participation in democratic processes;
  • Advance the consolidation of public trust in democracy and elections
  • Monitor the government accountability through pursuing anti-corruption efforts

ETWA’s mission is to ensure that all democratic processes are implemented transparently through networking, citizen Active participation and good governance. All of ETWA’s work is guided by the values of professionalism, commitment, networking/consultation, national inclusiveness, impartiality and volunteerism.